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Aug 14th 2017

This course, Job Success: Get Hired or Promoted in Three Steps, will prepare you to stand out in a crowded applicant pool so that you can get hired or promoted.

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Aug 7th 2017

Este curso ayuda a los estudiantes en el aprendizaje del enfoque de competencias laborales en las organizaciones, especialmente en: la definición de perfiles de competencia en puestos laborales, diseño de pautas de evaluación de desempeño, diseño de cursos de capacitación bajo competencias laborales, entre otros aprendizajes.

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Jul 10th 2017

This free three week course provides the tools you need to succeed at interviews and land your dream job or course place. This course will help you to succeed at interviews, whether you are applying for jobs or planning to study. Because being offered an interview can be quite daunting, we’ve put together a set of materials to help you prepare and be successful on the day.

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Jun 5th 2017

How can we talk more effectively in the workplace? This course introduces linguistic techniques to enhance business communication. Think about the conversations you have had in your workplace over the past few months. Do you ever come out of meetings wishing you had said something differently, felt misunderstood or not been given credit for your ideas?

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May 8th 2017

Get off to a great start in your new job by learning the essential skills to succeed in a global workplace. The British Council and The University of Sheffield have teamed up to help you succeed when you enter the workplace for the first time. Beginning your career or starting a new job brings to mind lots of questions, so we’ve designed a course to guide you through those initial weeks and months so you can make a really positive start to your career.

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Mar 28th 2017

Descubre los desafíos que afrontan los sistemas de pensiones de América Latina y qué políticas pueden lograr una mayor protección social. En las próximas décadas, las pensiones se convertirán en uno de los ejes centrales de las políticas económicas y sociales en América Latina y el Caribe (ALC). ¿La razón? En 2050 habrá en la región el triple de adultos mayores que ahora, con una mayor esperanza de vida y, por lo tanto mayores necesidades de atención.

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Jun 7th 2016

What skills should international students develop for career success in Germany? This employability MOOC sets out to make a difference for the over 300,000 internationals enrolled at German universities. Join us to give your Karriere a good push!

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Apr 4th 2016

The current global labour market demands specific knowledge and abilities in order to gain personal competences in the work placement. Finding a job abroad or overseas is not easy, moreover you need to have a good command of English and an accurate use of the English language.This course is addressed to everybody who wants to succeed in finding a job abroad. It will last 4 weeks and it will be divided in 4 modules of 4 sessions or steps each one. In it, we will deal with the key strategies to go through a successful job interview; we will help you to write a neat and accurate English CV, and to learn the tips for an effective job application letter.

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Mar 8th 2016

Get the job you want with compelling resume writing and focused interview preparation.

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Nov 2nd 2015

This course is taught in French. This open online course introduces students to the issues of health and safety at work. French law and international labour standards impose positive safety obligations on employers concerning the health and safety of their employees. Over recent decades, several events in companies (cases of suspected asbestos-related illness, suicides) have led decision-makers to reaffirm the aim of a real Occupational Health and Safety Management in organisations.

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Mar 23rd 2015

This course explores how the next generation workforce can shape the future of work to realize its version of the American Dream.

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