Sep 11th 2017

Job Success: Get Hired or Promoted in 3 Steps (Coursera)

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This course, Job Success: Get Hired or Promoted in Three Steps, will prepare you to stand out in a crowded applicant pool so that you can get hired or promoted.

In three steps you will leave this course with :

1. An upgraded social media presence (one that you can be proud of)

2. A visual, infographic resume that will get you noticed

3. A professional pitch that highlights your strengths and skills

When creating this course, we listened to potential employers, took the advice of recruiters, conducted informal research on best practices and we drew from our own experiences as professionals who have sought out and hired quality candidates.


Week 1: Step 1: Upgrading Your Social Media Profile

Week 2: Step 2: Create an Infographic Resume - Get Noticed!

Week 3: Step 3: Your Professional Pitch

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