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5G Network Fundamentals (Coursera)

This MOOC presents the services and the architecture of 5G networks, the main principles of the new radio interface (NR), data flow management, security and the new Service-Based Architecture (SBA). In recent years, operators have been deploying 5G technology on commercial mobile networks. The latter is announced as a [...]

C Programming: Advanced Data Types - 5 (Coursera)

In this course you will define your own data types in C, and use the newly created types to more efficiently store and process your data. Many programming languages provide a number of built-in data types to store things such as integers, decimals, and characters in variables, but what [...]

C Programming: Using Linux Tools and Libraries - 7 (Coursera)

Learn how to use professional tools and libraries to write and build C programs within the Linux operating system. This seventh and final course in the C Programming with Linux Specialization will allow you to develop and use your C code within the Linux operating system. Using libraries in [...]

Linux Basics: The Command Line Interface - 6 (Coursera)

This course will introduce you to Linux, a powerful operating system used by most professional developers! Why add Linux to your C programming skills? Most people use Linux without knowing it! Whether you use a smartphone, search the web, or use an ATM, each time Linux is involved somewhere [...]

C Programming: Pointers and Memory Management - 4 (Coursera)

In this course, we will examine a key concept, foundational to any programming language: the usage of memory. This course builds upon the basic concept of pointers, discussed in C Programming: Modular Programming and Memory Management, and introduces the more advanced usage of pointers and pointer arithmetic. Arrays of [...]

C Programming: Language Foundations - 2 (Coursera)

In this course you will learn to use logical statements and arrays in C. Logical statements are used for decision-making with follow-up instructions, based on conditions you define. Arrays are used to store, keep track of, and organize larger amounts of data. You will furthermore implement some fundamental algorithms [...]

C Programming: Modular Programming and Memory Management - 3 (Coursera)

Enhance your coding skills along your path to becoming a proficient C programmer with the essential concepts of functions and pointers. In this course you will be introduced to the concept of modular programming: that is, dividing up more complex tasks into manageable pieces. You will learn how to [...]

C Programming: Getting Started - 1 (Coursera)

Start learning one of the most powerful and widely used programming languages: C. Within moments you will be coding hands-on in a browser tool that will provide instant feedback on your code. The C programming language is one of the most stable and popular programming languages in the world. [...]

Digital Business - Capstone project (Coursera)

LVMH! Huawei! Energysquare! Three companies in very different industries: luxury goods, telecommunications, energy. Three companies with very different sizes, histories and DNA. And yet, they all share the same objective: to innovate and change, and so to remain or become leaders in their respective markets. The multiple questions that [...]

Digital business - Act on the digital world (Coursera)

Oct 2nd 2023
Digital business - Act on the digital world (Coursera)
Course Auditing
The idea that digital technology triggers profound change in companies is largely accepted. There is indeed no question that the digital world is profoundly changing business life. Everyone is now on the same page. But with the digital world come a lot of misconceptions and buzzwords. You can no [...]