IoT Networks

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IoT Networking (Coursera)

This course builds on the first two courses in this series: IoT Devices and IoT Communications. Here you will begin to learn enterprise IoT. Enterprise networks, from first-hop access to backend IoT services are critical because they allow your IoT devices to reach the Internet and achieve their true [...]
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IoT (Internet of Things) Wireless & Cloud Computing Emerging Technologies (Coursera)

IoT (Internet of Things) devices are already abundant, but new products that include IoT modules are now a common trend. Also, almost everything is already connected to a Cloud, and much more will be in the future. Naturally, as this trend continues, in the near future almost all devices [...]
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IoT Networks and Protocols (edX)

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IoT Networks and Protocols (edX)
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Learn about IoT networks and the protocols and standards associated with the Internet and how these apply to the IoT. The Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding at a rapid rate, and it is becoming increasingly important for professionals to understand what it is, how it works, and how [...]
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