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Sep 11th 2017

This is a course about the history of Skepticism from the ancient Greeks to today, with special attention to the political ramifications of questioning man's ability to know the world and himself with any certainty. We will discuss the debates raging between Plato and the Sophists, the rise of Christianity in the Roman world, and the so-called 'Skeptical Crisis' of the Renaissance as well as Pierre Bayle's Skepticism and David Hume's.

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Deals with the history of Western art during various periods, e.g. Renaissance, Baroque and Realism & Pop Art through the 20th century is required for all Art, Graphic Design and Interior Design majors.

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Mar 15th 2016

Learn how the art, architecture, and urban form of Renaissance and Baroque Rome projected the city’s image of itself to its citizens and the world.

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This course consists of visual art history from pre-historic cultures through the ancient styles, pre renaissance art & early renaissance art & includes studies in African, pre-Columbian, Asian & Native American Arts 25,000 B.C.E. to 1300 C.E.

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