Online Education Professional Certificate

What you will learn:
- Plan a learning module using the Backward Design methodology.
- Create effective learning activities and assessments to successfully assess student mastery of the program outcomes and objectives.
- Define specific, relevant and assessable learning outcomes as well as key course topics.
- Identify course supports (such as Open Educational Resources and Universal Design for Learning) and ancillary services (such as exam proctoring tools) to help support and enrich learner experiences.
- Manage an online course.

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Design, Build, & Implement (edX)

Take everything you have learned about online education, online learning ojectives, activities and assessments, and content and knowledge to start designing and building your online course in a learning management system.

Introduction to Online Education & Course Planning (edX)

Learn the fundamentals of online education and online learners through proven strategies including developing effective online learning modules and course content and materials, planning a learning module using the Backward Design methodology, and defining learning outcomes as well as key course [...]

Content & Engagement (edX)

A successful online course requires appropriate content and ways for learners to engage and interact. This includes best practices to teaching, technologies specific for online teaching, and appropriate course supports.