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Jul 10th 2017

Find out how to make the most of your time at university and ensure you have the skills and experience graduate employers want. This free online course will show you how to make the most of the time you’ll spend in higher education, with the ultimate aim of improving your prospects when you graduate.

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Mar 6th 2017

Improve your mathematical confidence and gain the skills to pass employers’ numeracy tests with this free online course. In our highly technical world numeracy skills, particularly the ability to interpret data, are becoming increasingly important and are highly sought after by employers. A lack of mathematical confidence and poor numeracy skills are barriers to employment as numeracy tests are increasingly part of the recruitment process, often early on.

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Self Paced

Learn how to unlock your personal and professional development and market your skills to potential employers to maximise your career success. A degree is necessary to secure a graduate role, but employers are looking for much more. The key is showing a potential employer what you can offer BEYOND your credentials.

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Jun 7th 2016

What skills should international students develop for career success in Germany? This employability MOOC sets out to make a difference for the over 300,000 internationals enrolled at German universities. Join us to give your Karriere a good push!

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Mar 23rd 2015

This course explores how the next generation workforce can shape the future of work to realize its version of the American Dream.

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