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Ethics, Technology and Engineering (Coursera)

There is an increasing attention to ethics in engineering practice. Engineers are supposed not only to carry out their work competently and skilfully, but also to be aware of the broader ethical and social implications of engineering and to be able to reflect on these. According to the [...]

Competencias Laborales: Perfiles, Evaluación y Capacitación. (Coursera)

Aug 1st 2022
Competencias Laborales: Perfiles, Evaluación y Capacitación. (Coursera)
Course Auditing
Este curso ayuda a los estudiantes en el aprendizaje del enfoque de competencias laborales en las organizaciones, especialmente en: la definición de perfiles de competencia en puestos laborales, diseño de pautas de evaluación de desempeño, diseño de cursos de capacitación bajo competencias laborales, entre otros [...]

Competencies for seeking, keeping and advancing in a job (edX)

Improve your employability by learning communication, social and emotional competencies with this accessible, inclusive course. The objective of this online course is to improve your employability with a series of learning modules about different competencies: career guidance; social, communication and emotional skills; and creating a career project. It will [...]