The Business of Music Production Specialization

In the current music industry, it is crucial that artists and producers are armed with a clear understanding of how the business works. To be successful in this business, you must have equal parts musical artistry and business savvy. In this specialization, you’ll learn about the various roles in the music industry, how to read and decipher a recording contract, and how to protect your assets in the United States under US copyright law. You’ll also learn how to launch your career as a producer, how to establish a vision and intention for the music you want to produce, and how to record music using the most popular industry standard digital audio workstation (DAW), ProTools.
T​he structure of the recording music industry and to read and interpret recording contracts
H​ow to earn money with your recorded music by leveraging copyright law
C​ast a clear vision for a recording project and how to use the right tools to achieve your vision
H​ow to record, edit, and mix a production using the industry standard digital audio workstation, Pro Tools

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Course Auditing
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