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Game Design and Development 3: 3D Shooter (Coursera)

If you love games and want to learn how to make them, then this course is your third step down that path. In this course you will learn the fundamentals of game design, including an understanding of level design, game balancing, prototyping, and playtesting, as well as game asset [...]

Developing AR/VR/MR/XR Apps with WebXR, Unity & Unreal (Coursera)

Aug 22nd 2022
Developing AR/VR/MR/XR Apps with WebXR, Unity & Unreal (Coursera)
Course Auditing
This third course in the XR for Everybody specialization is geared toward the technical development of XR experiences. The course provides learners with a more technical mental model of XR technologies and the tools to approach XR development with confidence. It walks through the stages of development for both [...]

Geospatial and Environmental Analysis (Coursera)

Apply your GIS knowledge in this course on geospatial analysis, focusing on analysis tools, 3D data, working with rasters, projections, and environment variables. Through all four weeks of this course, we'll work through a project together - something unique to this course - from project conception, through data retrieval, [...]

Arte 3D y animación en videojuegos (Coursera)

En este curso abordamos los aspectos artísticos de la creación del videojuego. Para ello, proporcionaremos conocimientos y pautas sobre cómo diseñar la parte artística de un videojuego. Esto incluye diferentes aspectos. Desde la creación de entornos, al diseño de personajes, movimientos e incluso [...]

The 3D Printing Revolution (Coursera)

This course will demonstrate how 3D printers work, show what people make with them, and examine the 3D printing ecosystem. It will also explore the future of 3D printing and discuss how this technology will revolutionize our world. Learners who complete this introductory course will have a solid understanding [...]

3D Data Visualization for Science Communication (Coursera)

This course is an introduction to 3D scientific data visualization, with an emphasis on science communication and cinematic design for appealing to broad audiences. You will develop visualization literacy, through being able to interpret/analyze (read) visualizations and create (write) your own [...]

Low Poly Art For Video Games (Coursera)

This course is aimed to give you the tools and knowledge you need to start creating simple 3D art for video games made in the Unity game engine. Through the aesthetic of pixel art we will explore artistic principals like shape language, color theory, and composition as well as [...]

3D Model Creation with Autodesk Fusion 360 (Coursera)

Design is the first phase in the digital manufacturing process. In this course, through a series of lectures and hands-on lessons, we’ll examine a designer’s approach to the design and manufacturing process—from concept to 3D model. We’ll start by applying design thinking to understand user needs, and then we’ll [...]

Curso: Impresión 3D (Coursera)

Te damos la bienvenida al curso-taller: "Impresión 3D" en el que aprenderás los aspectos relacionados a la tecnología de impresión 3D para la fabricación de piezas. El curso se basa en la generación de conocimiento a través de los fundamentos de la impresión 3D, tipos de impresora, aplicaciones y [...]

3D Printing Capstone

The capstone will integrate the learning acquired from the four courses in the 3D Printing Specialization through a hands-on project. This project will enable you to turn an idea into an object using the knowledge and skills acquired through the other courses. Specifically, you will be guided through a [...]