3D Printer

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The 3D Printing Revolution (Coursera)

This course will demonstrate how 3D printers work, show what people make with them, and examine the 3D printing ecosystem. It will also explore the future of 3D printing and discuss how this technology will revolutionize our world. Learners who complete this introductory course will have a solid understanding [...]

Curso: Impresión 3D (Coursera)

Te damos la bienvenida al curso-taller: "Impresión 3D" en el que aprenderás los aspectos relacionados a la tecnología de impresión 3D para la fabricación de piezas. El curso se basa en la generación de conocimiento a través de los fundamentos de la impresión 3D, tipos de impresora, aplicaciones y [...]

Additive Technologies in Metallurgy & Mechanical Engineering (Coursera)

Every teenager is ready to answer the question - what is 3d printer? But not every experienced engineer can imagine where and how additive technologies can be applied in mechanical engineering and especially in metallurgy. This is the subject of our online course. The use of additive technologies is [...]