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Leading Successfully Through Challenges and Obstacles (SoundviewPro)

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Leadership is full of stress and challenges, but there are few pursuits more fulfilling. Learn the core characteristics of successful leaders and how you can give hope while guiding people to greatness. Paul White provides practical strategies to take a humanistic approach to toxic workplaces, stress and unexpected events.

Overcome Adversity and Lead Your Organization to New Heights. Whether you’re a new leader or have years of experience, you know the challenges involved in attempting to help others be their best. Paul White has spent his career working with individuals and organizations to overcome challenges by tapping into basic human principles. This course gives you the development you’ll need to handle the common challenges all leaders face. You’ll learn how to identify the signs of toxic workplaces and handle dysfunctional co-workers, including the difficult obstacle of a toxic achiever. A great leader needs to balance all areas of his or her life. This is why you’ll learn about the nature of stress and how it can impact your life in and out of the office. The course culminates with a strategy for anticipating and handling the unexpected events that can derail even the most experienced leaders.

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