Sep 19th 2017

How to simplify your process execution with Signavio Workflow Accelerator (mooc house)

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Designed for workflow modelers, our objective is to teach you firstly the theoretical basics of workflow management, and secondly how you can begin modeling and automating workflows in Signavio Workflow Accelerator yourself. Through animations, tutorial videos, and a practical exercise, you will strengthen your knowledge and gain experience using Signavio Workflow Accelerator.

Course content overview:

- Basics of process execution (theory)

- Guidance and tips for using Signavio Workflow Accelerator

- Bonus BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) lesson

- Helpful animations and tutorial videos

- Games, quizzes, and practical exercises

- Final exam including a certificate of achievement

- Downloads, useful links, and additional information

Course contents

Introduction to Workflow Management:

Get to know the theory behind process execution and automation

Bonus lesson: BPMN (Buiness Process Model and Notation):

Refresh or gain BPMN 2.0 knowledge

Practical Introduction to Signavio Workflow Accelerator:

Get a first insight into Signavio Workflow Accelerator, tasks, decisions, tutorial, exercise

Organizing and evaluating workflows:

Get to know how to organize workflows and how to use Analytics

Advanced Workflow Components:

Get an overview of advanced task types in Signavio Workflow Accelerator

Creating and using Approval Workflows:

Learn how to build and use approval workflows

Use Cases:

Dive in to some common practical use cases and learn more about Signavio Workflow Accelerator

Final Exam:

One hour, one attempt. Show yourself how much you have learned and gain a free certificate


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