Jan 27th 2015

Gain from the Power of Lean Six Sigma (WizIQ)

A good understanding of Lean Six Sigma concept is an indispensable knowledge for today’s aspiring professional or B-school student. If you are looking to get yourself up-to-speed in Lean Six Sigma, then this course is the best way to do so. By the end of the course you will be able to decide the relevance of Lean Six Sigma in your career and what kind of certification is apt for you.

This course is uniquely crafted with elaborate examples that will help you with application of Lean Six Sigma concept.

- 6 weeks of study on Lean Six Sigma

- No pre-requisites or prior knowledge Lean Six Sigma Needed

- Course Starts On: 27th Jan 2015 11:30 pm IST/1pm EST/6pm UTC


- Learn about the goals and benefits of the Lean Six Sigma approach.

- Understand the roles and responsibilities associated with the approach.

- Gain knowledge of leadership qualities and behaviours.

- Discover how Lean Six Sigma can help you in your career.

- Discuss case studies on the application of Six Sigma methodology in various industries.

- Develop a broad understanding of various Six Sigma problem-solving tools.

- Understand Lean Six Sigma through practical implementation on a sample project.

- Receive a Certificate of Participation upon successful completion of the course.