The ZHAW is one of the leading universities of applied sciences in Switzerland and concentrates on important societal challenges, with a particular focus on energy and societal integration. Teaching, research and continuing education support this mission both scientifically and in practice. The ZHAW attracts over 13 000 students every year, including international students from 465 universities. Around 300 programs are offered at the ZHAW from bachelor’s level to doctorate and continuing education courses.

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Sustainable Corporate Financing: Application (edX)

The course “Sustainable Corporate Financing – Applications” emphasizes sustainability from the perspectives of equity, debt, and bank financing. Participants will gain in-depth insights on which financing options and considerations apply in the respective fields of action (exclusion, ESG integration, transition, and sustainability solutions) previously elaborated in the foundation course. [...]

Aquaponics – the circular food production system (edX)

Aquaponics is polyculture which combines aquaculture and hydroponics cultivation, i.e. fish farming and soil-independent food production, in a circulatory system with the aim of recycling nutrients from fish farming wastewater. In this MOOC course of the ZHAW you will learn the most important points about aquaponics and how to [...]

Providing Harm Reduction Services for Drug Users and Sex Workers (edX)

Learn the professional and methodological competencies for working with drug users and sex workers according to the principles of human rights. Did you ever ask yourself how the perspective of substance users and sex workers differs from your own? How can drug consumption rooms work, or how can sex [...]

Sustainable Corporate Financing: Foundations (edX)

The course “Sustainable Corporate Financing – Foundations” will provide the foundations of corporate finance with a particular focus on how sustainability aspects relate to corporate financing decisions. Four action areas regarding sustainable corporate financing are elaborated on and discussed. Theoretical know-how will be accompanied by case studies and practical [...]

Cell cultivation techniques: An introduction (edX)

Do you want to know what is a bioreactor and how is it operated? How are cells cultivated for biopharmaceutical production, and what are the difficulties? In this course, you will learn the basic techniques for the successful cultivation of mammalian, plant, and stem cells.

Vision 2030 (edX)

Humanity is facing major global challenges and contradictions: increasing wealth but growing inequality; overconsumption on the one hand; malnutrition on the other; rising economic growth and extreme environmental degradation. Where can we start to solve these problems?

Global Business and Human Rights (edX)

Explore how companies can understand, address and manage their human rights impacts. Discover links of business activities, global supply chains and human rights from different perspectives. Globalization includes the promise of economic development and wellbeing for all. However, from the early days of international trade until today this scarcely [...]