Debt Financing

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Sustainable Corporate Financing: Foundations (edX)

The course “Sustainable Corporate Financing – Foundations” will provide the foundations of corporate finance with a particular focus on how sustainability aspects relate to corporate financing decisions. Four action areas regarding sustainable corporate financing are elaborated on and discussed. Theoretical know-how will be accompanied by case studies and practical [...]

Public Debt Dynamics under Uncertainty (edX)

This online course, presented jointly by the Institute for Capacity Development and the Fiscal Affairs Department, provides an overview of how to assess public debt dynamics under uncertainty. That is, the course discusses how to think about public debt projections when we acknowledge uncertainty about the key variables that [...]

Debt Financing: Funding Your Small Business The Smart Way (Skillshare)

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Debt Financing: Funding Your Small Business The Smart Way  (Skillshare)
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Your small business is poised for major growth — but how will you get there? In this 50-minute class, Bond Street CEO David Haber will explain how you as a creative entrepreneur can take advantage of debt financing to grow your small business. Are you a design studio looking [...]