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Fashion Design (Coursera)

Fashion design is about looking to the future to innovate for today, but it is important to understand the foundation of the design process. In this course, you will learn about technological developments in fashion design, 3D and digital printing, and artisanal design and craftsmanship. You’ll explore building your [...]
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Construction Project Management (Coursera)

Construction Project Management introduces you to Project Initiation and Planning. Industry experts join Columbia University professor, Ibrahim Odeh, to give an overview of the construction industry. Professor Odeh teaches the fundamentals of the Project Development Cycle while guest lecturers discuss Lean Project Delivery method and Lean Design Behaviors. [...]
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MedTech: Trends and Product Design (FutureLearn)

Explore the product design process of MedTech devices and examine future trends in healthcare technology and the MedTech industry. Learn how innovative medical devices are designed, produced and regulated. Major advances in technology are driving innovation in healthcare. On this course, you will explore the global landscape of medical [...]
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Nuevas Tendencias en los Tratados Comerciales en América Latina (edX)

Aprende cómo funcionan y qué significan los acuerdos comerciales para los gobiernos y empresas de América Latina. ¿Sabías que hay más de 270 acuerdos comerciales en el mundo que cubren la mitad del comercio mundial? Los países de América Latina y el Caribe participan en 70 tratados que cubren [...]
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The Emerging Future: Technology Issues and Trends (

Learn to think like a futurist! Futurism is not about predicting the future, but making informed decisions today that will impact future developments. The Emerging Future: Technology Issues and Trends MOOC offered by the School of Library and Information Science at San José State University provides the planning skills [...]
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