Transforming the Fashion Business Specialization

In this specialization, you will analyze the fashion business and how it must evolve into a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable manifestation of itself. You’ll explore the “slow fashion” movement, the historical underpinnings of the current fashion system, and imperatives for a more holistic, sustainable future. You’ll look at the design process from the perspective of analytical and statistical trend forecasting and how to bring new strategies and technologies into your design approach, all while maintaining an awareness of social movements and cultural shifts. And finally, you’ll learn how fashion retail can create memorable, immersive, and innovative experiences that help you and your brand stay relevant in an age of increasing competition and shifting consumer models.
The courses in this specialization bring together a dynamic group of Parsons faculty and leading industry experts who will share their real world experiences and guide you through the knowledge you need to advance your career.

- How to develop a fashion business model that incorporates sustainability, experiential methods, collaborations, and serves underrepresented groups.
- How to integrate systems thinking to advance fashion business models
- Ability to articulate the predominant design techniques within the fashion system
- How to develop a holistic product lifecycle

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Fashion Systems (Coursera)

The fashion business has grown from the storied Parisian houses of the early 20th century into a global phenomenon. It is highly complex, multi-faceted, and undergoing reinvention. In this course, you will learn about long-standing factors that impact the existing fashion system such as consumption, inclusion, and labor. You’ll [...]

Fashion Retail Transformation (Coursera)

In this course, Parsons faculty and industry experts dive deep into the transformation of fashion retail. You’ll explore the fusion of retail and entertainment and the increasing importance of omnichannel client relationships. Through an examination of disruptive retail innovations, such as on-demand delivery and virtual reality, you’ll learn how [...]

Fashion Design (Coursera)

Fashion design is about looking to the future to innovate for today, but it is important to understand the foundation of the design process. In this course, you will learn about technological developments in fashion design, 3D and digital printing, and artisanal design and craftsmanship. You’ll explore building your [...]