Software Testing and Verification MicroMasters

Software touches just about everything in our world today. Today’s consumers expect intuitive and reliable technology, and in an increasingly crowded marketplace small missteps can trigger dissatisfaction and abandonment. Software testing addresses weaknesses in software development while building scalable development processes to ensure a best-in-class user experience. Learn the skills needed to excel as a Software Tester or Quality Assurance Engineer.
In this Software Testing and Verification MicroMasters program you will gain essential knowledge about software testing concepts and techniques and learn by delving into various software test cases and how they are documented. You will also learn how to plan, execute and manage software testing as well as software quality techniques for formal verification, which is used in mission critical projects.
This program will be of benefit to Software Testers, Developers and Quality Assurance Engineers. It will provide career-changers with the skills to get an entry-level job in Software Testing and help advance Software Developers skills in unit testing.

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Formal Software Verification (edX)

Learn software quality techniques beyond just running test cases. Want to gain software quality skills used in mission critical systems? Modeling checking, symbolic execution and formal methods are techniques that are used for mission critical systems where human life depends upon the system working [...]
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Software Testing Management (edX)

Learn how to effectively manage software tests using estimations, defect management, metrics and software quality initiatives. There is much more to software testing than just finding defects. Successful software and quality assurance engineers need to also manage the testing of software.
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Software Testing Fundamentals (edX)

Learn how to locate software bugs and defects using the latest testing techniques. Want to gain software testing skills to start a career or are you a software developer looking to improve your unit testing skills?
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