Software Quality

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Engineering Practices for Building Quality Software (Coursera)

Agile embraces change which means that team should be able to effectively make changes to the system as team learns about users and market. To be good at effectively making changes to the system, teams need to have engineering rigor and excellence else embracing change becomes very painful and [...]
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Formal Software Verification (edX)

Learn software quality techniques beyond just running test cases. Want to gain software quality skills used in mission critical systems? Modeling checking, symbolic execution and formal methods are techniques that are used for mission critical systems where human life depends upon the system working [...]
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Software Testing Management (edX)

Learn how to effectively manage software tests using estimations, defect management, metrics and software quality initiatives. There is much more to software testing than just finding defects. Successful software and quality assurance engineers need to also manage the testing of software.
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