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E.g., 2017-09-07
E.g., 2017-09-07
E.g., 2017-09-07
Sep 18th 2017

This course is a hands-on introduction to internet measurements. You will learn about measuring the structure of the internet and the routes through that structure, about delays, losses and connectivity, about bandwidth, and about traffic.

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Nov 10th 2016

Comment les données sont acheminées dans l'Internet ? Comment améliorer la transmission de ces données ? Dans ce MOOC, nous abordons les problématiques de routage interne et externe et la mise en place de qualité de service par réservation de ressource ou par ingénierie de trafic dans les réseaux. Vous vous exercerez à la mise en place de qualité de service au-travers de plusieurs protocoles, exercices et "LAB".

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Creating a network of computers isn’t always as easy as they portray in shows and movies. It isn’t as simple as hooking up a few monitors to multiple CPUs or server systems. The process of creating and maintaining a networking system is a difficult and time consuming process that requires constant monitoring. Many companies require knowledgeable and experienced people who know their way around creating, maintaining and securing a network of computers and servers. A lot of big name companies hire certified technicians for this job.

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CSCO 2020 is the second of four course series designed by Cisco to guide the student toward the CCNA certification. CCNA 2 focuses on routing fundamentals.

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