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Packet Switching Networks and Algorithms (Coursera)

In this course, we deal with the general issues regarding packet switching networks. We discuss packet networks from two perspectives. One perspective involves external view of the network, and is concerned with services that the network provides to the transport layer that operates above it at the end systems. [...]
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Aruba Networking Basics (Coursera)

Nov 22nd 2021
Aruba Networking Basics (Coursera)
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In Aruba Networking Basics, you will learn what a basic computer network is, compare local and wide area networks, use cases, and implementation types. Communication over these networks relies on protocols. Once you learn about those, you will be well on your way to understanding network communications and well [...]
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CCNA Routing and Switching - The Easy Certification Guide (Eduonix)

Creating a network of computers isn’t always as easy as they portray in shows and movies. It isn’t as simple as hooking up a few monitors to multiple CPUs or server systems. The process of creating and maintaining a networking system is a difficult and time consuming process that [...]
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