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Sep 18th 2017

Welcome to our course on Software Architecture, provided in partnership by the University of Alberta, and Coursera! This is the third course in a specialization called Software Design & Architecture. If you were with us for the first two courses, you’ve put in a lot of hard work to get here. We are so happy to have you back!. If you are just joining us, welcome! We have two courses before this one, called “Object-Oriented Design” and “Design Patterns”. These are foundational to Software Architecture, but you can take this course as a stand-alone one if it suits you and your goals!

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Sep 11th 2017

This course will teach you how to design futureproof systems that meet the requirements of IoT systems: systems that are secure, interoperable, modifiable and scalable. Moreover, you'll learn to apply best-in-class software architecture methods to help you design complex IoT and other applications. Lastly, you'll come to understand the business impact of the technical decisions that you make as an IoT system architect.

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