Soft Skills

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Models & Frameworks to Support Sales Planning (Coursera)

In this course, you’ll go through a conceptual approach to selling models and frameworks. As a primary learning outcome of this course, we emphasize the improvement in the analytical competencies and skills to develop sales planning and management. And the learning process goes through the application of the models [...]

Teaching with Physical Computing, Course 4: Soft skills, teamwork and the wider curriculum (edX)

This course provides teachers with a comprehensive exploration of the role of Project-Based Learning in supporting the development of soft skills, and its place in the curriculum. The fourth and final course in our program for Computer Science teachers, Teaching with Physical Computing , covers all the non-technological elements [...]

Active Learning for Softskills Development (POK)

Soft skills are crucial competencies to be developed by students to access the labour market. The integration of active learning methods in teaching practices can support curriculum innovation and improve the learning experience of university students in particular while learning disciplinary [...]

Introduction to Soft Skills 1/4 - Essentials & Mindset (Skillshare)

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Introduction to Soft Skills 1/4 - Essentials & Mindset (Skillshare)
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You have to communicate, negotiate and convince people everyday. Going to the store will have you taking decisions and using a variety of soft skills. So what are soft skills? What is active listening? How does your mind, the words you use and the attitude influence you surroundings? In [...]

Working in Multidisciplinary Teams (POK)

Teamwork is a highly valued skill in modern workplaces. Working in a team isn't easy, but it can be learnt and improved continuously. Teamwork skills are increasingly in demand. The level of complexity and instability inside organisations is so high that even very competent professionals cannot handle it by [...]

Managing Conflicts (POK)

How to recognise a conflict? How to best manage it? What role does your personality play? You will find some answers to these questions in this course. In any social context, conflicts, as well as being inevitable, are also essential for grasping the potential of diversity and for growing [...]

Gestire il cambiamento (POK)

Quanti cambiamenti hai già affrontato nella tua vita? Li hai accolti come un’opportunità o ti sei sentito in difficoltà? Vediamo come affrontarli al meglio nel privato e sul lavoro. How many changes did you face in your life? Did you take them as an opportunity or did you find yourself [...]