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Linux System Programming and Introduction to Buildroot (Coursera)

This course provides an overview of System Programming for the Linux operating system, or software which is interfacing directly with the Linux Kernel and C library. The basic components of a Linux Embedded System, including kernel and root filesystem details are discussed. The Buildroot build system is introduced, which [...]

The Unix Workbench (Coursera)

Unix forms a foundation that is often very helpful for accomplishing other goals you might have for you and your computer, whether that goal is running a business, writing a book, curing disease, or creating the next great app. The means to these goals are sometimes carried out by [...]

Shell Programming - A necessity for all Programmers (edX)

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Shell Programming - A necessity for all Programmers (edX)
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Unleash your Linux scripting skills and amaze others with your productivity level. Various programming languages have gained popularity since 1970. Starting with Assembly, C, C++, and moving towards Java, Python, and finally building of backend and frontend frameworks, all of these became popular and were or getting replaced with [...]

Maîtriser le shell Bash (FUN)

Interagir avec un ordinateur est devenu courant de nos jours, que ce soit avec son téléphone, sa tablette ou son ordinateur portable. Si la plupart des utilisateurs se contente d'une interface graphique dont la plage d'actions reste limitée, l'utilisateur désireux d'avoir le contrôle total de son ordinateur doit sortir [...]