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Advanced Topics and Future Trends in Database Technologies (Coursera)

This course consists of four modules covering some of the more in-depth and advanced areas of database technologies, followed by a look at the future of database software and where the industry is heading.

Relational Database Design (Coursera)

Have you ever wanted to build a database but don't know where to start? This course will provide you a step-by-step guidance. We are going to start from a raw idea to an implementable relational database. Getting on the path, practicing the real-life mini cases, you will be confident [...]

Introduction to Data Engineering (Coursera)

Nov 28th 2022
Introduction to Data Engineering (Coursera)
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This course introduces you to the core concepts, processes, and tools you need to know in order to get a foundational knowledge of data engineering. You will gain an understanding of the modern data ecosystem and the role Data Engineers, Data Scientists, and Data Analysts play in this ecosystem. [...]
Nov 28th 2022
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42.00 EUR/month

Foundations for Big Data Analysis with SQL (Coursera)

In this course, you'll get a big-picture view of using SQL for big data, starting with an overview of data, database systems, and the common querying language (SQL). Then you'll learn the characteristics of big data and SQL tools for working on big data platforms. You'll also install an [...]

Relational Database Administration (DBA) (Coursera)

Ongoing and proactive management is critical to the security and performance of database management systems. Database administration is the function of managing the operational aspects of database systems and maintaining them. Database administrators work to ensure that applications make the most efficient use of databases and that physical resources [...]

Spatial Data Science and Applications (Coursera)

Spatial (map) is considered as a core infrastructure of modern IT world, which is substantiated by business transactions of major IT companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Intel, and Uber, and even motor companies such as Audi, BMW, and Mercedes. Consequently, they are bound to hire more and [...]