Online Privacy

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Personal data protection (Kaspersky Education)

ou would hardly give your passport to a stranger or leave it for a few days on a café table. Your personal data online should be treated with no less respect. In this course, you will learn how outsiders — from large corporations to small scammers — try to [...]

Doxing: Dangers & Prevention (Kaspersky Education)

In this course, by Kaspersky and, you will learn what doxing is, what are the dangers associated with it, how to protect yourself and your close ones from doxing and how to share information responsibly.

Cyber Security: Safety at Home, Online, in Life (FutureLearn)

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Cyber Security: Safety at Home, Online, in Life (FutureLearn)
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This three-week free online course explores practical cyber security including privacy online, payment safety and security at home. In the modern world, information security has an influence on all of us: at home, at work, online and in life in general. Like many inventions that have gone before, the [...]

mini-MOOC Online Privacy (OpenLearning)

"Hahaha ik hoop dat je flauwvalt en daarna in coma komt & dood gaat." Deze en ongeveer 1000 andere tweets zijn te zien in het kunstwerk van Jeroen van Loon, samen met de profielfoto's van de tienermeisjes die deze tweets de wijde wereld in sturen. Kill your darlings is een installatie [...]