Cyber Hygiene

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Personal data protection (Kaspersky Education)

ou would hardly give your passport to a stranger or leave it for a few days on a café table. Your personal data online should be treated with no less respect. In this course, you will learn how outsiders — from large corporations to small scammers — try to [...]

Device security and privacy (Kaspersky Education)

Computer, laptop, smartphone... Each has its own settings as well as pitfalls. In this course, you will learn how to select the right options for Windows/Mac/iPhone devices and Android smartphones, how to resuscitate an infected or clogged-up computer, securely protect your home Wi-Fi, and get your electronic travel companions [...]

Safe Gaming (Kaspersky Education)

Gaming is fun. Don't let anyone spoil it! In this course, we will tell you where and how to buy games safely, what consequences an account hijack may have and how to avoid it, as well as how to set up your computer for gaming. You will learn how [...]

Cidadão Ciberseguro (NAU)

O Curso Cidadão Ciberseguro visa garantir um conjunto de competências que permitam que o cidadão, enquanto utilizador do ciberespaço, se sinta apto a navegar de forma segura. Tendo em conta que este é um dos principais objetivos do curso, torna-se fundamental considerar a ciberhigiene do [...]