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Toxicology 21: Scientific Applications (Coursera)

This course familiarizes students with the novel concepts being used to revamp regulatory toxicology in response to a breakthrough National Research Council Report “Toxicity Testing in the 21st Century: A Vision and a Strategy.” We present the latest developments in the field of toxicology—the shift from animal testing toward [...]

Epigenetic Control of Gene Expression (Coursera)

While the human genome sequence has transformed our understanding of human biology, it isn’t just the sequence of your DNA that matters, but also how you use it! How are some genes activated and others are silenced? How is this controlled? The answer is epigenetics.

Epigenética no Desenvolvimento e Hereditariedade (NAU)

Desenvolva conhecimento na área da epigenética direcionado para as alterações epigenéticas globais que ocorrem durante o desenvolvimento embrionário e alterações epigenéticas associadas à Hereditariedade Epigenética Transgeracional. O curso de Epigenética no Desenvolvimento e Hereditariedade pretende desenvolver e aprofundar o conhecimento na área da epigenética, anteriormente abordado no curso de [...]

Introdução à Epigenética (NAU)

O curso “Introdução à Epigenética” tem como principal finalidade conhecer as principais marcas epigenéticas e sua associação á remodelação da cromatina e controlo da expressão génica".

Epigenetics (FUN)

Apr 2nd 2021
Epigenetics (FUN)
Free Course
This course aims to provide a basic fundamental knowledge of what is considered to be epigenetics and wants to illustrate well characterized examples of epigenetic phenomena in many different model organisms. In addition, we will explain in detail the molecules that participate in the epigenetic inheritance and their mechanisms [...]

Epigenetics: Human Health (IST)

Our journey continues. Welcome to the second stop of our journey into the epigenetic realms of human health and disease. This is the second course of the epigenetics trilogy. We will recover the link of epigenetics with disease; explore epigenetic-inspired molecular therapeutics to move cells from states of disease [...]