Stem Cell Therapy

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The Science of Stem Cells (Coursera)

What promise do stem cells hold for the treatment of medical conditions? In this five-part online course you will explore the history and basic biology of stem cells, learn about new research techniques, and find out how stem cells could lead to cures for diseases and to individualized medicine.

Making a Cell Therapy: Principles and Practice of Manufacturing (edX)

Cell therapies, such as CAR-T and stem cell therapies, are an exciting new class of therapeutics with the potential to revolutionize medicine. Learn the biology, engineering, and analytical chemistry behind how these amazing new products are manufactured. The success of CAR-T cell therapies, driven by their unprecedented efficacy and [...]

Epigenetics: Human Health (IST)

Our journey continues. Welcome to the second stop of our journey into the epigenetic realms of human health and disease. This is the second course of the epigenetics trilogy. We will recover the link of epigenetics with disease; explore epigenetic-inspired molecular therapeutics to move cells from states of disease [...]