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Feb 29th 2016

This course will teach you about the power of your immune system and how new immunotherapies are transforming cancer treatment.

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Jan 25th 2016

This course introduces the exciting basic science that underlies modern medicine, and shows how we use that knowledge to understand medicine today. The course is designed for the general public, including high school students, who are interested in learning more about how the body works. There are no prerequisites. We want to help people take a more active role in their own wellness, and talk effectively with their healthcare providers.

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Jan 12th 2016

Explore the immune system, including cellular immunity, NK and T cells, MHC functions, signaling and inflammation.

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Oct 20th 2015

Learn about your body's defenses against disease: how it can identify threats and coordinate counterattacks.

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Oct 13th 2015

Los seres vivos habitamos un mundo hostil si tenemos en cuenta la amenaza sobre la salud que suponen los microorganismos patogénicos. Una parte integral de todos los organismos complejos y pluricelulares es el sistema inmunológico, garante fisiológico de la salud ante tal amenaza. Pero dependiendo del individuo o del microbio o de las condiciones ambientales, este mecanismo protector contra la invasión microbiana puede verse desbordado e ineficaz. Tanto es así que el aumento de la esperanza de vida en los países desarollados depende de tres pilares fundamentales, la higiene, el acceso a los medicamentos y los alimentos, medidas que nos ayudan a a controlar a los potenciales agentes infecciosos.

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Sep 17th 2015

The objective of this course is to offer an integrated overview of vaccinology, from public health and scientific data justifying the development of a vaccine, to its delivery to the populations in the context of industrialized and developing countries.

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Jul 7th 2015

Basic principles of immunology including the latest topics leading to novel therapeutic approaches.

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Self Paced

Biology core material, which includes the fundamental principles of genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, & cell biology.

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