Aug 14th 2017

So You Want to Study Life Science? (FutureLearn)

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Explore the exciting subjects within life sciences and the rewarding careers that studying life sciences at university lead to. This short, free online course will introduce you to studying life sciences at university level.We’ll take you on a whistle stop tour of the exciting world of life sciences, exploring the vast array of subjects within the discipline – from anatomy to zoology and everything in between, including immunology, cellular and molecular biology, genetics, physiology and parasitology.

Find out what it’s like to study and work in life sciences

You’ll also hear from individuals working in a range of different life sciences career areas, including basic, field and applied research, scientific communication, teaching and science writing.

You’ll also get lots of tips on preparing your university application, adjusting to life at university and securing that first life sciences job.

By the end of the two weeks, you’ll:

- be aware of the variety of branches of life sciences;

- be confident making a university application to study life sciences;

- be able to describe some of the career pathways open to you as a life sciences graduate;

- and have met other people on the same journey of exploration into life sciences.

Learn with the University of Glasgow – a life sciences centre of excellence

So You Want to Study the Life Sciences? has been developed by the University of Glasgow – a centre of excellence for many branches of life sciences.

On the course, you’ll learn with Leah Marks, Maria Jackson and a team of educators who, between them, have extensive experience across life sciences disciplines, including biochemistry, genetics, and cellular and molecular biology.You’ll follow the progress of student Kevin as he decides which subject to study at university.

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