Sustainable Solutions

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Urbanisation and Health - Promoting Sustainable Solutions (Coursera)

More than half of world’s population lives in cities while only 5% did so in the 18th century. The rapid urbanisation has resulted in for example inadequate infrastructure, physical inactivity, gentrification, air pollution, and growing numbers of slum dwellers. All factors challenging health and wellbeing of the people living [...]

Innovación frugal: Soluciones sostenibles con los recursos a tu alcance (edX)

Este MOOC presenta los fundamentos de la Innovación Frugal como estrategia de innovación en comunidades y organizaciones, vinculando los elementos de esta estrategia con el desarrollo de soluciones incluyentes y sostenibles.

Tackling Environmental Challenges for a Sustainable Future (FutureLearn)

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Tackling Environmental Challenges for a Sustainable Future (FutureLearn)
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Discover how environmental research can inform how we respond to and solve the major global environmental issues of today. Explore sustainable solutions to environmental issues like changing glaciers. Our energy use is unsustainable, we’re producing waste plastic that’s endangering oceans, and large parts of the natural world are disappearing. [...]