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Sep 25th 2017

Climate change poses a threat to economic growth and long-term prosperity of many countries around the world. Africa is not an exception, considering the actual and potential impacts of climate change and climate variability that will threaten its vulnerable sectors and human populations. African countries are projected to experience changing rainfall patterns, rising sea levels, and higher temperatures that will affect food security, agricultural production, water availability, and public health, among others. These climate change impacts and climate variability can further produce social and political problems, such as rural-urban migration and water resource disputes.

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Sep 20th 2017

Learn how to adapt buildings sustainably by applying management tools to real-life cases in the built environment. Do you have a passion for buildings and want to contribute to a sustainable environment? Then this is your chance to make a difference! The biggest sustainability challenge for cities worldwide is adapting existing obsolescent buildings and making them future-proof. In this course, you will learn about adapting buildings for sustainability.

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Sep 18th 2017

Le cours permet d'apprendre les bases de la planification urbaine à travers ses dimensions techniques, environnementales, sociales, économiques et symboliques. Le cours parle uniquement des villes africaines et même si celles-ci ont valeurs d'exemple pour les ville du Sud, voire toutes les villes, nous nous efforçons à remettre les problématiques dans un contexte africain.

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Sep 4th 2017

Le cours présente un tour d’horizon introductif des interactions entre la mobilité et les dynamiques urbaines. Il propose des outils méthodologiques et opérationnels permettant d’appréhender et de réguler la mobilité.

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Sep 4th 2017

Do you want learn how to apply concepts of sustainable faecal sludge management (FSM) on a city-wide scale? This course starts with an overview of what faecal sludge is and an introduces you to the engineering fundamentals and required information for the design and selection of technologies.

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Jul 10th 2017

Learn how integrated systems and individual actions can shape sustainable cities, generating higher quality of life for the future. How can we strengthen sustainability? By empowering individuals and communities to transform and balance dynamic natural resources, economic prosperity, and healthy populations. In this course, you’ll explore productive and disruptive social, ecological, and economic intersections – the “triple bottom line.”

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May 9th 2017

Comprender los retos y oportunidades de la expansión urbana en América Latina y el Caribe y las herramientas para gestionarla. América Latina y el Caribe están viviendo un rápido proceso de urbanización que conlleva desafíos y oportunidades para el desarrollo integral de la región. ¿Cómo se puede manejar la expansión urbana y planear de manera efectiva? ¿Cómo se puede asegurar vivienda digna para la creciente población? ¿Qué hacer con los barrios informales que tipifican las ciudades en desarrollo? ¿Cómo se puede valorizar el patrimonio urbano y revitalizar los centros históricos?

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May 1st 2017

Knowing the city of Madrid and its history through the analysis of the most emblematic buildings and public spaces is the main purpose of this course. Concepts of "sustainability" or "smart cities" will also be related to it. Through this knowledge, you will be able to appreciate differences and similarities with own town. This will be the starting point of a critial approach and discussion about the future of cities.

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Apr 3rd 2017

Understand the problems cities face and learn how they can be resolved with ethical solutions. Who runs your city? What makes your city liveable? Using stories from cities around the world, this course will introduce you to the importance of ethics in civic leadership, planning, and business, and citizen engagement.

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Mar 1st 2017

Through a unique Dutch approach learn how to design landscapes and cities in response to social and environmental challenges. Are you an urban planner, designer, policy maker or involved or interested in the creation of good living environments? This course will broaden your scope and diversify your take on the field of urban planning and design.

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Sep 26th 2016

Explorer comment la géographie, la cartographie, l’urbanisation et la justice spatiale jouent un rôle dans la compréhension de l’espace des humains et des sociétés. Comment définir et comprendre la notion d’espace? Comment l’urbanisation, la mobilité, Internet et la mondialisation ont-ils influencé notre perception du temps et de l’espace? Ce cours a pour objectif de définir la notion d’espace en apportant des clés de lecture pour comprendre les sociétés qui nous entourent.

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Jun 27th 2016

Learn how urban planning, energy, climate, ecology and mobility impact the livability and quality of life of a “future city.” Cities are becoming the predominant living and working environment of humanity, and for this reason, livability or quality of life in the city has become crucial. This urban planning course will focus on four areas that directly affect livability in a city: Urban energy, urban climate, urban ecology and urban mobility.

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