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Street Experiments for Sustainable and Resilient cities (Coursera)

Our streetscape, despite its feeling of permanence in our environment, is an ideal venue for experimentation. We have come to accept traffic movement as the default function for the street. Therefore, we need to rethink its design and space distribution, go back to its original and basic function and [...]

Ciudades en Transición (Coursera)

Bienvenidas y bienvenidos al curso Ciudades en Transición: visiones internacionales de temas de lo urbano. En los 4 módulos analizaremos los procesos emergentes en las ciudades desde un panorama internacional e intercultural. El objetivo de este curso es mejorar la comprensión de los procesos emergentes que experimentan las ciudades [...]

African cities : An Introduction to Urban Planning (Coursera)

This course teached the basics of urban planning in Africa through technical, environmental, social and economical dimensions. It focuses on African cities only. Although, they exemplify well cities in the Global South, and potentially all cities, we will make the African context highly topical.

Urban Rewilding: Restore Your Local Ecosystem (edX)

Would you like to see your neighbourhood become more liveable and sustainable? To alleviate city-specific challenges – from urban heat islands to mental health issues – we need to first change our minds. From wanting to control nature to leveraging its power, we need to allow nature to do [...]

Four Facets of Contemporary Japanese Architecture: Technology (edX)

Learn the history, ideas and concepts behind contemporary Japanese architecture through one facet of Japanese architecture, technology. This is the second course of “Four Facets of Contemporary Japanese Architecture” series, with the focus on the second facet: technology.

CitiesX: The Past, Present and Future of Urban Life (edX)

Explore what makes cities energizing, amazing, challenging, and perhaps humanity’s greatest invention. For the first time in human history, more than fifty percent of the world’s population lives in urban areas. Cities allow for the exchange of ideas, and generate remarkable innovations in business, art, and ideas. Cities are [...]

Sustainability in Architecture: An Interdisciplinary Introduction (edX)

This course introduces the basic elements and trends that define sustainability practices in Architecture today. It follows an interdisciplinary approach that includes performance assessment and urban policies. This course offers an interdisciplinary approach to sustainability in Architecture. Learners will be introduced to the basic elements of sustainability [...]