Resilient Cities

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Climate Adaptation in Africa (Coursera)

Oct 4th 2021
Climate Adaptation in Africa (Coursera)
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This course explores why climate change adaptation is important in the African context. Africa is considered one to be one of the most vulnerable regions to climate change. Historically, climate-related hazards such as drought, flooding, pest and disease outbreaks, coastal storms and heat waves have had devastating impacts on [...]
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Smart Cities (FutureLearn)

Explore the role of technology and data in cities, and learn how you can participate in the creation of smart cities. On this online course, you’ll hear from smart city innovators, entrepreneurs, leaders, communities and businesses.
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Water for Liveable and Resilient Cities (FutureLearn)

Learn how water can be used in the planning of cities to improve liveability in the face of climate change and population growth. Water plays a central role in almost every aspect of our urban environment and quality of life in our cities. Alarmingly, the combined impacts of rapid [...]
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