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Digital Information Literacy (Coursera)

A Digital Artifact is an object that represents one’s learning. In today’s changing educational landscape, more courses call for a visual item as opposed to a “traditional” assignment or project. There are a multitude of free tools and software at our fingertips. This online course will provide tips, suggestions, [...]

Metaliteracy: Empowering Yourself in a Connected World (Coursera)

This course prepares you to effectively participate in a connected world. Metaliteracy advances reflective and empowered learning in collaborative communities. You will learn how to creatively and ethically produce and share information. As a metaliterate learner, you will see yourself as an informed content creator and a responsible contributor [...]

Búsqueda avanzada y verificación de información (Coursera)

Nov 27th 2023
Búsqueda avanzada y verificación de información (Coursera)
Course Auditing
Este curso trata de facilitar una serie de competencias y destrezas necesarias para combatir la desinformación y así afrontar mejor los desafíos que plantea la era digital. Desarrollar unas habilidades esenciales a la hora de buscar información por medio de Internet mediante el uso de herramientas audiovisuales, recursos digitales, [...]

Sorting Truth From Fiction: Civic Online Reasoning (edX)

Learn teaching practices that help students become savvy consumers of digital information. Fake news and misinformation pose an urgent challenge to citizens across the globe. Multiple studies have shined a light on people’s difficulty in distinguishing truth from fiction, reliable information from [...]