Information Literacy

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Digital Information Literacy (Coursera)

A Digital Artifact is an object that represents one’s learning. In today’s changing educational landscape, more courses call for a visual item as opposed to a “traditional” assignment or project. There are a multitude of free tools and software at our fingertips. This online course will provide tips, suggestions, [...]

Basic Information Literacy (Coursera)

May 20th 2024
Basic Information Literacy (Coursera)
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Learn how to begin tackling a big project or presentation. Join today and equip yourself with basic information literacy skills to navigate the vast landscape of knowledge to find just what you need. This course will cover creating a workable project/presentation, understanding the various types of information sources, searching [...]

Advanced Information Literacy (Coursera)

This course is designed to build upon a learner's search skills and expertise in the information literacy concepts that underpin scholarship at college or university. This badge incentivizes them to continue improving their information literacy competencies over their academic and workplace career. By participating in this course, one can [...]

Alfabetização Midiática, Informacional e Diálogo Intercultural - UNESCO e UNICAMP (Coursera)

Este curso quer pensar junto com você sobre um fenômeno recente no Brasil, que é a presença de uma grande quantidade de informação via mundo digital. Vamos mostrar diferentes caminhos do que podemos fazer com essa quantidade incrível de midias e como participar da construção de conteúdo digital de [...]

Empowering Yourself in a Post-Truth World (Coursera)

The post-truth world is a divided and partisan environment in which factual information has been displaced by subjective and biased viewpoints. Facts and expertise no longer matter when isolated communities deny truth and scientific reasoning in favor of whatever information suits their needs or aligns with their beliefs. Social [...]