Digital Storytelling

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Data Visualization and Storytelling (edX)

Learn the skills of digital storytelling necessary to tell compelling stories with data through visualization tools. In this course, you will learn the skills necessary to tell compelling stories with data through visualization tools. You will gain a superpower allowing you to influence others through the craft of storytelling [...]

Metaliteracy: Empowering Yourself in a Connected World (Coursera)

This course prepares you to effectively participate in a connected world. Metaliteracy advances reflective and empowered learning in collaborative communities. You will learn how to creatively and ethically produce and share information. As a metaliterate learner, you will see yourself as an informed content creator and a responsible contributor [...]

Powerful Tools for Teaching and Learning: Digital Storytelling (Coursera)

Powerful Tools for Teaching and Learning: Digital Storytelling introduces educators to digital storytelling and explores ways to use digital stories to enhance students’ learning experiences. The course is designed to be comprehensive yet fundamental. By comprehensive we mean that the course provides a solid foundation for all of the [...]

Digital Platforms in Performance (edX)

Advance your digital story-telling prowess and learn how to create interactive gameplay scripts for video games, radio drama scripts for radio and/or podcasting, as well as content for your YouTube channel. Learn to transfer your skill as a dramatist into these innovative mediums. This course will broaden your understanding [...]

Lights, Camera, Computer - Action! How Digital Technology is Transforming Film, TV, and Gaming (FutureLearn)

Discover the emerging technologies shaping the future of storytelling and how you can start a career in the screen industry. Investigate the impact of technology on digital storytelling. On this three-week course from Screen Industries Growth Network (SIGN), you’ll explore the impact technology has already had on storytelling in [...]

Digital Storytelling: Filmmaking for the Web (FutureLearn)

Combine theory and practice to tell powerful stories through film online. Unleash your potential in this free online course. The University of Birmingham, the BBC Academy and Creative Skillset have combined forces, to create this four-week, free online course. It will look at filmmaking theory and practice, and how [...]

Guerrilla Literacy Learners (EMMA)

Are you a teacher coaching learners to make sense of their mistakes in knowledge clips by linking rules in an unorthodox way? GuLL offers a new language acquisition approach connecting open educators with graphic facilitation, the art of hosting, narrative coaching and user-centered design. This MOOC is for any [...]