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PhD. Lourdes Guàrdia is professor and researcher of the eLearn Center (Center of Research, Innovation and Training in e-learning) at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). She’s the academic director of the Master Degree in Education and ICT (e-learning). The areas of research in which she is focused on are the techno-pedagogical design or instructional design, the educational technology and the didactics, the e-portfolio, and the development of models based on the use of the ICT (e-learning). She has been working in all them participating and coordinating different projects of research and of innovation, so many at national and international level. She has published different articles, papers and chapters of books about techno-pedagogical design and the use of the ICT. Nowadays she’s participating in projects of research and of innovation about techno-pedagogical design, personalization of the learning processes, e-portfolios and the evaluation of the learning process. She was also a member of the Team who coordinates the RED E-portfolio, a thematic net funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education, and involved to EPNET (The Eportfolio European Network).

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ePortfolios have become increasingly popular based on their potential to be applied to a wide array of contexts as well as their ability to be used in a great variety of individual or organizational purposes. ePortfolios offer the opportunity to create and manage an online space of digital artefacts that provide evidence of competencies and abilities acquired over a specific period of time. In this way, ePortfolios can be designed to enhance traditional learning and teaching methods, record achievements, the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), assist individuals with Personal Development Planning (PDP) or the Personal Career Development (CPD), among others.

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