Oct 7th 2015

Psychometric Testing at Work MOOC (PsyAsia)

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Learn how to choose from the many psychometric tests on the market by evaluating reliability, validity and match to your requirements. Then, learn how to use psychometric tests competently and ethically by learning about the administration, scoring, interpretation and feedback of aptitude and personality assessments.

The Psychometric Testing at Work MOOC will cover the following topics:

- Introduction to Psychometric Testing

- Job Analysis and Competency Frameworks

- Psychometric test reliability

- Psychometric test error & confidence

- Validity of Psychometric Tests

- Choosing the Right Test – Understanding the Test Manual

- Psychometric Test Administration

- Scoring Psychometric Tests

- Interpreting Psychometric Test Results

- Psychometric Test Feedback to Candidates

- Psychometric Test Feedback to Decision-makers

- Ethical Issues in Psychometric Testing at Work