Oct 5th 2016

Talent Management Best Practices with SAP SuccessFactors (openSAP)

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Thought leaders and experts from the SAP SuccessFactors team will teach you how to build and maintain an efficient and integrated talent management system. Learn how to find and hire the right people, and how to develop them to maximize their productivity to support your business goals. See our team of experts use SAP SuccessFactors to illustrate the role of technology in creating scalable, data-driven talent management processes.

“Talent management” is the term used to describe what organizations do to ensure they have the right people to execute their business strategies. But what are the specific actions that go into effective talent management and what is required to do it well? This course explains exactly what talent management involves and what goes into building and maintaining an efficient, integrated talent management system.

Over four weeks, you’ll be given a comprehensive look at all the major talent management functions required to build and maintain a high-performing workforce. Expert instructors with years of experience in strategic human resources explain how to determine what types of talent are required to support business goals, how to find and hire the right people in an increasingly competitive labor market, how to maximize the engagement, development, and productivity of employees once they are hired, and how to effectively deploy and maintain integrated talent management methods in a world of constant change. The course also discusses the role of technology in creating scalable, data-driven talent management processes using illustrations from state-of-the-art SAP SuccessFactors solutions.

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