Keeping pace with the rapidly developing world of information technology is a need that SAP helps to fill with openSAP. openSAP is developed and provided by SAP in cooperation with the Hasso Plattner Institute.

openSAP works according to the principle of "Massive Open Online Courses" (MOOC): The key difference between MOOCs and other types of e-learning lies in the way MOOCs demand commitment by leveraging tried and trusted classroom concepts in an online delivery format.

openSAP uses these concepts in the following ways:

- openSAP courses are conducted entirely online. All the material provided can be accessed from any device that is connected to the Internet, be it a desktop, a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet.

- openSAP courses have a defined duration (usually between five and seven weeks) to which course participants need to adhere.

- openSAP courses are based on video units, supporting material (slide decks, handouts), and self-tests.

- Course participants need to work on weekly assignments and keep to deadlines. The weekly assignment is graded and contributes to the points required to receive a record of achievement.

- Course participants can discuss the course content in a discussion forum.

- openSAP courses end with a final exam.

- Upon successful completion of the weekly assignments and the final exam, participants receive a record of achievement.

- openSAP courses are conducted in English.

The average duration of the video units is 90 minutes per week. Combined with additional self-study and weekly assignments, the average effort required to complete an openSAP course successfully will be 4–5 hours per week. This makes it easy for course participants to combine courses with their other tasks.

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Feb 7th 2017

Since the introduction of SAP HANA Cloud Platform in 2012 and the first openSAP course about it in 2013, the platform has been continually improved and additional functionality has been delivered. In this course, you will get to know the platform in its most up-to-date state yet. This course will introduce you to SAP HANA Cloud Platform and show you how as a developer to take advantage of the various services it provides. Ideally, you should have basic skills in Java programming as well as a basic knowledge of how to use the Eclipse development environment.

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Jan 25th 2017

Just under two years ago, SAP announced the new business suite for the digital economy: SAP S/4HANA. Since then, SAP S/4HANA has become one of the fastest growing SAP products. Even before SAP released SAP S/4HANA 1610, 4,100 customers had been reached. The ambition is to be the de facto business standard for the digital economy. If you’re asking yourself: “When is the right time to move to SAP S/4HANA and how?” this course will provide you with the answers to the WHY, WHAT, and HOW.

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Jan 25th 2017

In this course, you’ll get an overview from SAP’s design research experts that will help you get the most out of your field research experience. From identifying users through conducting a field visit to developing points of view, this course will provide you with a foundation for conducting design research in a people-centric way.

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Jan 11th 2017

SAP S/4HANA is a real-time ERP suite for digital business. Built on SAP’s advanced in-memory platform, SAP HANA, it offers a personalized, consumer-grade user experience with SAP Fiori. SAP HANA Cloud Platform is an open standards-based, in-memory platform-as-a-service (PaaS) designed for today’s increasingly networked, mobile, social and data-driven world. SAP HANA Cloud Platform is available to enable companies to build their own extensions and adapt standard business software to their needs.

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Nov 15th 2016

In May 2016 SAP and Apple announced their partnership, combining Apple’s world-renowned user experiences with SAP’s unparalleled end-to-end business processes and software. In this course you will get an introduction and overview about the impact of the Apple and SAP partnership. We will give you insights into the SAP Fiori for iOS design language, which extends the SAP Fiori design foundation for a native iOS experience and provide an outlook about the SAP HANA Cloud Platform SDK for iOS that will be delivered in 2017.

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Nov 9th 2016

An SAP system needs to be constantly customized and maintained in order to meet changing business needs. In this course, we’ll investigate the latest tools and features that are essential for upgrading SAP systems based on SAP NetWeaver.

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Nov 8th 2016

Bring the Digital Core of your business together with SAP S/4HANA Cloud by connecting your people, your suppliers, partners and customers. SAP S/4HANA combined with SAP SuccessFactors provides instant insight into Finance and HR combined. Get a single view of your organization’s Finances and HR, and learn how to enable Intelligent Services to take more effective actions across lines of business.

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Nov 2nd 2016

In this course, we will focus on the new and improved features that were introduced in SAP HANA SPS 11 and 12. Developers taking this course should be able to get up to speed quickly and begin leveraging these new features to enhance their own productivity, as well as tap into powerful new features of SAP HANA itself. Students will learn to use SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA to develop both HDI (SAP HANA Deployment Infrastructure) and XSA (SAP HANA extended application services, advanced model) based applications.

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Oct 26th 2016

You have a great business idea, you know the market, AND you think you can make money? In this course, New York Times Bestseller author, lawyer, and serial entrepreneur Susan Solovic helps you get to grips with your entrepreneurial spirit and learn the skills and strategies to build an outrageously successful business. Beyond the basic skills required around marketing, finance, and team-building, Susan Solovic encourages you to listen and evaluate feedback, develop resilience, and cherish yourself along the way. So a course just for women? No. This course is for anyone interested in getting started with their own business, but aims also to debunk some common myths and misconceptions about women in business – insights that may also challenge men!

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Oct 5th 2016

SHINE (SAP HANA Interactive Education) is a reference/demo application, with educational content released for SAP customers and partners to demonstrate how to build native applications on the SAP HANA platform. SHINE comprises design-time developer objects such as database tables, data views, stored procedures, OData services, sample data, and user interfaces. SHINE is available in two flavors. The first is SHINE for customers of SAP HANA extended application services, classic model (SAP HANA XS classic). The second is SHINE for SAP HANA extended application services, advanced model (SAP HANA XS advanced), which is delivered for customers of SAP HANA XS advanced.

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Oct 5th 2016

Thought leaders and experts from the SAP SuccessFactors team will teach you how to build and maintain an efficient and integrated talent management system. Learn how to find and hire the right people, and how to develop them to maximize their productivity to support your business goals. See our team of experts use SAP SuccessFactors to illustrate the role of technology in creating scalable, data-driven talent management processes.

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Sep 28th 2016

What does the Internet of Things (IoT) mean to you? We are entering a new era in which “things” in the physical world are becoming connected digitally. Everything from light bulbs and baby socks to cars and coffee machines. What is possible in a world of connected, sensing, and interacting things?

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Sep 15th 2016

Are you a teacher of young learners? Are you involved in young peoples’ extra-curricular activities? Then this course could be for you. Whatever subjects you normally teach, you and your learners are surrounded by modern digital technology. This course will help you to encourage today’s young digital consumers to become tomorrow’s digital creators. It is based around the popular Scratch system that is capturing the imagination of children around the globe.
You’ll be truly amazed at how fast your learners get up to speed with coding skills. And if you’ve never written a line of code in your life, don’t worry. This course will get you started step-by-step.

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Sep 15th 2016

Today, we’re surrounded by digital technology. When we think about software, we often think of computers for writing email or surfing the internet. But software is everywhere! It’s in many of our household appliances and is used to manufacture many of our products such as our clothes. Maybe you enjoy using software, but why not start creating it for yourself? This course will get you started step-by-step.

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Sep 15th 2016

Nous sommes cernés par les nouvelles technologies. Quand nous pensons ‘logiciel’, nous avons en tête les emails ou les navigateurs Internet. Or cela va bien au-delà : les logiciels sont partout, jusque dans nos électroménagers et même parfois nos vêtements. Vous ne cessez donc de les utiliser sans forcément vous en apercevoir. Et maintenant, que diriez-vous de créer le vôtre ? On ne sait jamais où cela peut nous mener, mais imaginez…vous pourriez un jour utiliser ces nouvelles compétences numériques dans le cadre de votre travail ! Même si vous n’avez jamais programmé la moindre ligne de code de votre vie, aucun souci ! Ce cours vous expliquera tout, étape par étape. Tout ce dont vous avez besoin, c’est d’un peu de temps de de curiosité ! Vous serez surpris de ce que vous serez capable de faire en l’espace de quelques jours seulement. Si vous avez entre 12 et 17 ans, ce cours est fait pour vous !

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Sep 15th 2016

Êtes-vous instituteur / professeur des écoles ? Êtes-vous impliqué dans les activités extrascolaires d’un groupe de jeunes ? Alors ce cours est fait pour vous ! Quelle que soit la matière que vous enseignez d’habitude, vos élèves et vous-mêmes êtes cernés par les nouvelles technologies. Ce cours s’appuie sur le fameux système Scratch, une plateforme ludique qui facilite l’apprentissage continu de la programmation et qui passionne déjà des millions d’enfants à travers le monde.

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Sep 14th 2016

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as a business strategy still places clients at the center of all activities. However, customers and their buying behavior have changed dramatically in the last decade, and CRM solutions have evolved accordingly. In this course you’ll learn why it’s almost impossible to run a successful business today with a CRM system from the past.

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Sep 7th 2016

In this advanced course, you’ll learn how to develop Java-based apps on SAP HANA Cloud Platform using the newly updated Enterprise Sales & Procurement Model (ESPM) application. With the ESPM app, we’ll demonstrate the end-to-end process for developers to leverage the capabilities of SAP HANA Cloud Platform for Java-based apps.

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Sep 6th 2016

SAP HANA Vora is an in-memory query engine that plugs into the Apache Spark execution framework to provide enriched interactive analytics on data stored in Hadoop. It lets you combine Big Data with corporate data in a way that is both simple and fast.

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Jul 19th 2016

In this course, we address one of the most important considerations when it comes to companies moving to the cloud: integration. Imagine a customer orders an article on the Internet. Clicking the “Buy article” button triggers a lot of processes, and data is exchanged between different software systems so that the article is shipped, the seller’s catalog of goods is updated, and the correct amount is invoiced. If you want to implement such an application for your enterprise, you face the challenge of cross-linking a large number of different software systems and data sources. You also need to consider that the systems typically “speak” different connection protocols and store their data in different formats. SAP HANA Cloud Integration helps you to solve this challenge.

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