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Parenting in the Digital Age (

Technology use among children and adolescents is growing at an astronomical rate. Think about how many parents purchase their children smartphones, gaming systems, iPads, or other digital devices. With access to the internet, these devices allow children to connect to other in ways we never could have imagined. With the proliferation of devices comes concerns regarding cyberbullying, screentime, digital citizenship, media literacy and exposure to inappropriate content. For parents, keeping up with their children's use of technology can be a daunting challenge. The question then becomes, what can parents do to help kids use these devices responsibility? When online, how can parents make sure their children are safe? What can parents do prevent the sharing of personally identifiable information? This course provides an introduction to strategies for successfully parenting in the digital age.

Key topics include discovery of what kids are doing online, social media and gaming, tips for helping kids stay safe online, protecting privacy, security and building a positive digital footprint.

The course includes a series of videos, websites, interactive activities, discussions and quizzes. Participants may work through the course material at their own pace, but within the online discussion forum, they can also discuss course content with other students and the course instructor.