Sep 11th 2017

Leadership and Influence (Coursera)

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The only thing you get to change is yourself, and in the prerequisites to this course we’ve given you real tools to do that. Now, use those tools to influence the course of your future, your team's future, and your organization's future. Make a plan for yourself that will help you help others, and learn skills to make it happen.

Listening and being sure of your values underpins everything that comes with professional influencer and leadership skills. We’ll go on to look at self-assessment and leadership planning, negotiation, addressing and resolving conflict, and successfully identifying and promoting circumstances you want.

After this course, you will be able to:

- state your own mission and plan with confidence

- negotiate and persuade

- deal with difficult people

- contribute to crafting a working environment you want to work in

The prerequisites for this course are Courses One and Two of the Specialization "Professional IQ: Preventing and Solving Problems at Work": Foundations of Professional Identity and Shaping Your Professional Brand.

Course 3 of 4 in the Professional IQ: Preventing and Solving Problems at Work Specialization.



Course Orientation

You will become familiar with the course, your classmates, and our learning environment. The orientation will also help you obtain the technical skills required for the course.

Becoming a Leader

Find out what it can be like to make the transition into a leadership role. Learn how your values and branding are essential in this transition.

Graded: Week 1 Quiz

Graded: Week 1 - Peer Reviewed Assessment


Influence, Persuasion, and Negotiation

Learn how influence and persuasion are key to leadership and some essentials negotiation concepts and skills. Explore more about effective communication.

Graded: Week 2 Quiz

Graded: Week 2 - Peer Reviewed Assessment


Difficult Conversations as a Leader

Develop skills for tackling difficult conversations, including giving and getting feedback and handling complaints.

Graded: Week 3 Quiz

Graded: Week 3 - Peer Reviewed Assessment


It’s Your Life - Live it Well

Pull together skills and knowledge from throughout the courses while examining the importance of your alignment and fit in an organization. Reflect on the importance of learning as a leader and plan for what happens next in your professional career.

Graded: Week 4 Quiz

Graded: Week 4 - Peer Reviewed Assessment

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