Feb 8th 2016

Introduction to Petroleum Engineering (iversity)

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Do you want to know everything about oil? How do the business and engineering operations work? Will we run out of oil? Do we need it at all? Enrol and learn about the complex petroleum industry in plain language.

In this course, you will learn such concepts as oil and gas production, reservoir energy and forces, petroleum deposit drainage, development systems, well operation techniques and much more. Each participant in the course will develop an understanding of field life cycle and interdisciplinary approach to petroleum field development and operation.

Throughout the course, we will address the following topical areas:

• History of oil and gas application, international petroleum reserves

• Fundamentals of Petroleum Geology: rock cycle; oil, gas and water deposits; oil and gas composition; oil generation; prospecting for oil and gas fields

• Major exploration techniques, seismic methods, well testing; basics of reservoir engineering and modelling

• Basics of well drilling and production