Konstantin Maksyutin




Konstantin Maksyutin is Deputy Director for Professional Development at Petroleum Learning Centre, Tomsk Polytechnic University. He received his degree in Foreign Language Teaching from Tomsk Pedagogic University and international MSc degree from the University of Rouen (France). He also holds Candidate of Sciences degree in Teaching Methods.

Since 2002, Mr. Maksyutin has been involved in petroleum industry; first as translator and interpreter of short courses, then as short course manager. He runs Technical English training program for non-English speaking students of Heriot-Watt University MSc programs delivered by Petroleum Learning Centre, TPU. Mr.Maksyutin teaches courses in English for Petroleum Engineering, Business Communications and Systems Thinking.

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Feb 8th 2016

Do you want to know everything about oil? How do the business and engineering operations work? Will we run out of oil? Do we need it at all? Enrol and learn about the complex petroleum industry in plain language.

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