Nov 10th 2015

Vehicle Dynamics I: Accelerating and Braking (iversity)

Taught by:

From Bugatti Veyron to Volkswagen Beetle, from racing to passenger car: study about their acceleration and braking and learn from two applications from automotive mechatronics.

In this first part of Vehicle Dynamics, we illuminate the longitudinal dynamic aspects of vehicles.

Clear and brief: acceleration and braking.

In Detail: After an introduction, we will look at driving resistances and slip, explain the demand of power and limits of a car, then clarify the needs for a clutch and gears and look at the rear and front weights during acceleration and braking. The course will be finished by two applications from automotive mechatronics.

By the end of the course you will …

- understand basic principles of accelerating and braking a car.

- know the driving resistances and their influences on vehicle dynamics.

- understand the discrepancy between demands and limits of powertrain.

- understand the necessity of gears and clutch.

- understand the correlation between braking, wheel load and recovery of energy.

- be able to calculate simple properties of a car.