May 31st 2016

Modelling and Simulation using Simulink (iversity)

Do you want to use Simulink® to simulate technical systems? Do you want to control real systems using an Arduino® microcontroller? Then this MOOC's for you. Enrol today! The main objective of this MOOC is to teach you how to use of Simulink® as a simulation tool suitable for a broad variety of application domains. We will specifically focus on topics of interaction of the simulation models with the real world using Arduino Microcontrollers and Simulink®'s corresponding Arduino Support Package.

First, we will explain modelling and simulation concepts in general and introduce Simulink®. As a first application, we show how a simplified model of a Water Treatment Plant is implemented using Simulink®. We will then use an Arduino microcontroller to access hardware in the real world. We will go on to introduce control engineering techniques using Simulink® and apply these techniques to drive an example system of a ball floating in an airstream.

By the end of this course, you will be able to implement simulation models using the tool Simulink®. These models can cover applications in the engineering domain and you know methods and technologies to create simulation models of realistic complexity.

In the engineering domain, microcontrollers are frequently used to control some physical system. Therefore, in this course you will also learn how to use an Arduino microcontroller for this purpose and how programmes for such a microcontroller are implemented in Simulink®. You will specifically learn techniques of control engineering by applying them to a technically simple physical system that is yet difficult to control.