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Our Place in the Cosmos (Coursera)

Come aboard! If you decide to take this course, you will expand your horizon of what is possible for you in the cosmos. In Course 1 (Our Place in the Cosmos) of this four course specialization, there are 39 learning objectives spread out over 4 weeks and 10 lessons.

Getting There and Going Beyond (Coursera)

Welcome to Course 2 - Getting There and Going Beyond. If you are here, you have successfully completed Course 1 (Our Place in the Cosmos) and are ready for more. There is so much more to learn in Course 2 with 40 learning objectives spread out over [...]

Space is Everywhere (Coursera)

You are here! Welcome to Course 4 - Space is Everywhere and the last course of this specialization. You are on the final stretch of this journey to finding your Pathway to Space. The topics of Course 4 span four weeks and nine lessons with 36 learning [...]

The Business, Politics, Policy, & Players of Space Programs (Coursera)

Welcome Course 3 - The Business, Politics, Policy, & Players of Space Programs. If you are here, you have successfully completed both Course 1 and 2 of this specialization. Course 3 has nine lessons spread out over 4 weeks with 31 Learning Objectives. In this course, we will [...]

Space Safety (Coursera)

How can we prevent satellites from colliding? How can satellites be protected from meteorite impacts? How important are satellites in today’s age? How safe are astronauts on the ISS and why does their research help mankind in general? What happens with space debris distributed in orbit?

A Brief History of Human Spaceflight (Coursera)

This course provides a view of the history of spaceflight, from early writings telling of human's fascination of space through the early Russian and American space stations. Developed as an interesting and entertaining slice of space history that is accessible to anyone with an interest in human [...]

Planet Earth ... and You! (Coursera)

Earthquakes, volcanoes, mountain building, ice ages, landslides, floods, life evolution, plate motions—all of these phenomena have interacted over the vast expanses of deep time to sculpt the dynamic planet that we live on today. Planet Earth presents an overview of several aspects of our home, from a geological [...]

AstroTech: The Science and Technology behind Astronomical Discovery (Coursera)

Modern astronomy has made some astonishing discoveries - how stars burn and how black holes form; galaxies from the edge of the universe and killer rocks right next door; where the elements come from and how the expanding universe is accelerating. But how do we know all that? The [...]

New Space: Access to space - Basics (Coursera)

Sep 18th 2023
New Space: Access to space - Basics (Coursera)
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The spirit of NewSpace is revolutionizing our vision of access to space. Reading keys will enable you to understand the technological and strategic challenges in games with new rules, fixed by ambitious players. Combine the new technologies and management of space access with the classical paradigm of the existing [...]

Introduction to the Orbital Perspective (Coursera)

The goals of this course are to develop the student’s critical thinking skills, global awareness, and ability to work as an integral part of a team in an increasingly complex global job market. The course provides a foundation in such skills as team building, collaboration, and elevated empathy using [...]